5 Action Steps Everyone in The Network Marketing Industry Should Be Implementing on a Daily Basis to Achieve Success

One of the best ways to achieve success in building your network marketing business is to follow in the footsteps of business leaders who have achieved success before you. This is especially true when it comes to the network marketing business. As you are building your network marketing business, it is critical to follow the below 5 steps that successful network marketers have implemented each day and make them a part of your own daily sales process.

1. Prospect.

Prospecting on a daily basis is the real key to success in building your network marketing business. In order to create real leverage, you need to build a team and you need to lead by example so others in your team can follow. To be successful, you need to create a prospecting plan, choose your target market and be consistent in your prospecting efforts. It simply won’t work to do a little today and then leave it for several days. You need to build momentum into your prospecting and that only happens if you are prospecting consistently – every day as you are building the foundation of your business.  Prospecting is the most important activity you can engage in. It’s really the one activity that over time is guaranteed to grow your business

2. Promote.

As you are building your network marketing business, it is important to know how to promote as opposed to using force to sell to others. When promoting, you are educating potential clients or team members about your products in a way that adds professionalism and dignity to your sales process. By listening deeply on a social level to your prospects and presenting your products with enthusiasm and product knowledge, you will add value to the promotion process, which moves your prospects closer to saying “Yes!”. Carve out one hour each day to have a promotion conversation with at least 3-5 people. By investing time each day in promoting, you will be able to fine tune your

3. Enrol.

Many network marketers approach potential customers or team members by using an aggressive recruitment model. Recruitment involves hype, pushing, manipulation and even using scare tactics to get people who are desperate to jump on board. I highly recommend shifting from a recruitment process to an enrolment process. With enrolment, you are using communication techniques to paint a vivid vision, tell interesting stories that grab attention and that align you with the potential prospect. With a successful enrolment process, it is also extremely important to do your best to enrol people who are already successful, making money and experiencing growth but who want to live a different life. These prospects will be perfect for you, because they have already experienced success in life and business. As with promoting, it is important to schedule at least three phone calls or face to face meetings to work on improving your enrolment process.

4. Follow Up.

It is imperative that you always follow up with existing customers and potential customers on an ongoing basis. With your existing customers, find out what their personal experience is of your products and ensure they are using them in the correct way to get most value from them. Keep your customers notified about other products that they may also benefit from. But be careful not to ‘sell’ or you will create resistance, annoyance and you will very often push people away.

It is also essential that you follow up with your potential clients or team members. Studies indicate that almost 80% of sales leads require at least 5 follow ups after the initial prospecting meeting. But close to 44% of salespeople give up after just 1 follow up. On the other hand, there are sales reps who bombard their prospects with follow up emails and calls, which pushes people away. The best approach with following up is to ask the prospect if you can follow up, and ask the prospect how they would best like for you to follow up. Do they want a phone call, email or a text message? Choosing your prospects’ favorite form of communication is crucial, otherwise you can annoy your potential clients. Once you have determined the type of communication your prospects want, follow up on the same day as your prospecting call. A short email, phone call or text message to simply thank the person for taking the time to talk with you is all that is needed. Keep a record of your follow up phone calls, and carve out time each day to make your follow up phone calls. Following up or not following up can make or break the deal.

5. Consume.

Before you begin to actually promote your products or try to attract people into your team, you have to be a raving fan of the products you are promoting. You need to become your own best customer, and consume as many of the products you are promoting as possible. By using your products on a daily basis, you will be able to be completely authentic and genuine as you promote your products. If you are not using your products and services you are trying to promote, you will break trust with your potential customers or team members and create a disconnect. You will become someone who simply “talks the talk” but does not “walk the talk”.

In closing, as you implement the above 5 steps, it is critical that you not overwhelm your prospects. Build a collection of marketing and collateral materials that will give you a reason to follow up in the future and hopefully enrol people into your network marketing business.