5 Important Factors That You Should Know About How To Successfully Enroll People Into Your Network Marketing Team

1. Practice enrolment—not recruitment.

While enrolment and recruitment have similar definitions, the approach to getting someone to say “yes” is different for the two terms.  Recruitment involves a great deal of hype, pushing, manipulation and scare tactics to get people to say “Yes.”  With enrolment, you will be addressing needs and wants, and the prospect has received value by learning a bit about what you are doing.  Enrolment is about building a relationship with another person and finding the perfect time to invite him or her to join your team.

2. When it comes to enrolment, one of your main goals should be to inspire others…not to motivate them.

Motivation involves a pushing mechanism that forces you to have a “motivational rally” on a constant basis to try to get the attention of people you want to enroll.  The process of inspiration might include sharing an inspirational video, story or quote that will have stick-ability in the minds of your prospects.  By inspiring others, you will create an emotional connection with your prospect, and they will certainly remember your inspirational messages when they decide to join your team.

2. Be patient.

When it comes to enrolment, you need to be as patient as possible as long as the enrolment process is continuing.  While you may be able to control certain aspects of the enrolment process (preparation, keeping promises, managing expectations, educating the prospect and being prompt with your promises), there are many things that will be out of your control, including:

  • Broken promises made by others
  • Your prospects schedule
  • The response time of your prospects
  • Prospects’ bad past experiences with sales
  • Prospects who change their mind
  • Other people actually seeing the value in what you are offering

The best way to move along the enrolment process is to:

    • Acknowledge your prospects concerns. As an example, if someone is hesitating, you might say, “I totally understand your hesitation.  This is a big decision to make.  Are there any questions that I have not answered that might put your mind at east?”
    • Do everything you can to build trust with your prospects. You can do this by being completely upfront, honest, transparent, punctual, answering questions in a professional way and always return calls and emails.
    • Assess the prospect’s interest in joining your team. If you constantly sense hesitancy, it may be time to move on to another prospect while leaving the door open for all prospects to stay in touch with you.
    • Invite your prospects to attend an online or live event that has absolutely nothing to do with enrolment. Make sure the event is valuable, and do your best to use this as a time to simply get to know your prospects better and to learn more about what inspires them to act.

4. Share your vision with your prospects.

Your prospects may have a difficult time with enrolment if they don’t know your vision.  Most people don’t decide to follow someone until they know what direction you are headed.  Once you share your vision, for many people, a switch will turn on, and prospects will instantly raise their interest level, their hopes and expectations.  Prospects who buy into your vision will be much more likely to join your team over people who are not inspired by your vision for the future.

5. Develop a winning attitude.

Your attitude is completely controllable and in your hands and will determine your outcome in your network marketing business.  When it comes to enrolment, you may have some fears, and it is in your power to conquer your fears and change any beliefs that may limit your ability to enroll. You will definitely have some prospects who will tell you “No”, and you cannot take it personally.  If someone tells you “No”, they are not rejecting you personally, they are simply saying “I am not interested at this time.”  Your thoughts and behaviors should include commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, confidence and resilience.  With time and effort, you can become the person who will be able to easily enroll others onto your team.