5 Keys To Building Rock Solid Relationships

As you are building your network marketing business, you will have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people from diverse backgrounds and business styles. To be successful in business will require you to be able to find common ground with customers, team members and peers.

You will experience a high return on your investment of time if you spend it building relationships with others. It will lead to efficiency in communication and an easy exchange of ideas and talent. These 5 action steps will greatly enhance your ability to build strong relationships with others.

1. Become an influencer.

Do your best to find common ground with the people you are coming in contact with so that you can find a way to help others. Ask yourself “What do others need and want, and what is important to others?” As you build relationships, do so from a place of giving and helping others without expecting anything in return. It will pay off as you build a network of people who will willingly follow you to places they have not been before.

2. Pay close attention to how your personal and/or leadership style is affecting others.

It is not uncommon for personal and/or leadership styles to get in the way of your ability to build strong personal relationships. We all make and leave an impression on others when we meet them. Work with a coach on improving any aspects of your personal or leadership style that may be offensive to others, especially personal attributes that may seem cold or insensitive.

3. Cooperate with others.

If others see you as highly competitive and always needing to win or “be right”, they will quickly cut you out of the loop. To become more cooperative, do your best to see the other person’s side before fighting for your own. As you are talking with others, do your best to generate a variety of possibilities as opposed to staking out your position right off the bat.

4. Avoid talking about others at all costs.

If you are talking about a peer, team member or customer to others, this will often come back to bite you later on. No one likes a gossip. The best approach is to approach the person directly and talk to them in a way that is direct, private and polite. Give the person a chance to discuss the situation with you without pointing fingers or calling the person out.

5. Do your best to balance out the winning and the losing.

If you win too often, others will notice or feel they are “losing”. You want others to work willingly with you, not diminished for their actions. Do your best to become someone in the network marketing industry who encourages others’ successes and celebrates the wins on your team and within your peer group.