5 Strategies For Jumpstarting Your Network Marketing Business in 30 Days

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again. Millions of people around the world are clearly stating their New Year’s Resolutions—everything from wanting to lose weight, make more money, quit smoking or exercise more to get in shape.

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is this: They simply don’t work. Studies show that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, because they often are simply goals that you may have been waiting all year to start. You have decided to “maybe” change a few things in your life. While a resolution may sound great, they are typically rooted in what you think you should be doing as opposed to doing what you are really committed to doing.

When it comes to building your Network Marketing Business, I do recommend taking a few steps to jumpstart your business and get you in the habit of taking daily action to achieve goals and reach milestones in your business. It’s a brand-new year, and it’s a great time to take bold steps to either build or grow your network marketing business.

1. Set a 30-day goal and implement one action step each day to reach that goal.

As you are mapping out your master plan for your network marketing business, the thought of setting and achieving quarterly or annual goals may seem overwhelming. If so, you can easily jumpstart your business by taking one bold action step each day so that you begin to see results at the end of one month. As always, I recommend that you set S.M.A.R.T. goals, as they stand a much better chance of being achieved.

Your goal should be:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R. Realistic

T: Timely

As an example, you may set a vague goal such as “I want to enroll more people.” While this is a good start, it is not specific enough for the brain to respond and to move you in the direction of action. A better goal would be:

“I will enroll six new people into my network marketing business by January 31, 2018.”

Once you have your 30-day goal in place, you will then need to write a daily goal that will be repeated each day during the month. An example of this goal is:

“I will enroll six new people into my network marketing business by January 31, 2018 by having an initial enrolment conversation with six people each day from January 1-January 31, 2018.”

Once you have your daily action step in writing, you will need to add that activity to your calendar and implement that action step each day.

2. Open a WordPress blog, and use it as your website.

This is much easier than it sounds. You can start your process by going to WordPress.com, follow their directions and publish a 4-page blog. The pages you post should include:

• A homepage

• An “About” page that talks about you and your business

• A contact page

• A blog page for publishing blog posts

You will want your blog address to be listed under you own domain. Do your best to buy a domain that includes your name as the address. This will help people searching for you to easily find you online. If you have a web designer, he or she will know how to build a site using WordPress. If you do not have a web designer, you can go to this page on WordPress.com to get your own domain:


3. Become a savvy social networker.

In our world of social networking, it is extremely important for you to build an online presence so that everyone you come in contact with has heard about you. Getting connected online is all about building a community of people who will eventually help you reach both your personal and professional goals, and you will help them in return. The main social networking sites you will want to join are:

Facebook: Your personal profile page should focus on social interactions with friends, family and colleagues. People do business with people they know, like and trust, so do not underestimate the power of socializing with people on Facebook. If you are going to post business topics on Facebook, it is best to start a group on Facebook that will be used for professional purposes.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is much more suited for professional purposes. It takes some time, but you will need to build a professional resume on LinkedIn during your 30-day jumpstart process. Once your profile is ready for the world to see, it is time to then connect to everyone you know. Once you are connected, you can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn to help you begin to interact with groups that will align with what you are doing with your network marketing business.

Twitter: Twitter is a great tool to help you quickly tell your network about an upcoming event or a new product or service being offered through the network marketing company you represent. As with Facebook and LinkedIn, you will need to build a profile and start following people you know who will then more than likely follow you back.

YouTube: Video has never been more popular than it is today, and you can use YouTube to record videos related to your network marketing business or a subject you know something about. People flock to YouTube to find solutions to problems that pop up every day, so you may use YouTube as a way to offer life or business “hacks” (shortcuts) to the public. As people begin to follow you, many people will more than likely click on any and all links you use in your video or on your profile to find out more about you. Keep your videos short (five minutes or less) and post at least four videos each month. Over time, if your videos offer value, you will build a following of people who will eventually become a part of your network.

Your goal for your 30-day jumpstart process is to simply join and build your profiles on these four sites. Once you have your profiles in place, you can then start connecting, following and joining groups hosted online.

4. Host an online event and invite everyone you know to attend.

When it comes to network marketing, you should always have something to invite people to attend. Hosting an online event could include any of the following:

• A webinar

• An audio only teleconference

• A mastermind hour using Google Hangouts or using a webinar platform

With the online event, you will want to invite people to learn about something that will add value to their lives. One of the most popular topics to discuss during an online event is the topic of marketing and sales. If you have some knowledge about marketing and sales, you can lead the event on your own. If not, you can invite a marketing and sales expert to hold a question and answer hour for your network.

5. Treat ten influential people to coffee or tea during your 30-day jumpstart period.

When it comes to jumpstarting your network marketing business, you will want to get into the habit of talking face to face to people. One of the best ways to get practice is to invite ten influential people to join you for coffee or tea to simply tell them about your network marketing business. This meeting may turn into an enrollment conversation, but the goal is to ask these ten people for advice on how to get the word out about your business. People love giving advice, and this is a great way to start building a strong network. If you focus on people who have large networks and who are influential in the business world, they will tell others about your new venture.

These five, low cost strategies will help you attract new customers, build existing relationships and ultimately keep your name top-of-mind. Marketing is not really about the money you are spending or the flashy brochure. It is more about the time you invest to get connected to others and building a community of like-minded people.