7 Coaching Questions To Challenge Your Team Members

As the team leader, one of the skills you will be bringing to the table is leadership and team coaching.  The goal of coaching is most often to challenge and stretch your team to reach higher and higher levels of potential.  If you are coaching a team member, you may discover they are not being challenged enough.  With the skill of what we call “challenge coaching” your team members, you may be:

  1. Asking the team member to step up to a bigger game.
  2. Pointing out inconsistencies in answers and behaviors.
  3. Holding your team member/members accountable to higher standards.
  4. Challenging your team/team members to a new way of thinking that will push them to the edge of who they are and who they want to become.

The following questions are quite successful when challenging your team members to step up their game:

  1. You seem to me like a big player, but you seem to be playing small right now.  What’s going on?
  2. I get the feeling you want to be challenged and you are up to big things right now and the decisions you are making seem to be pulling you a few step backwards.   As your team leader and coach, how can I help in challenging you to move forward?
  3. My gut is telling me this goal is not big enough for you.  I want to ask you to double the goal.  What would that look like?
  4. I’m hearing you say “I’ll try” or “I might” or “Probably”.  Those sound like they have an open back door…a way for you to get out of this challenge.  I am going to ask you to shift your language to “I will”, and we will then talk about the how of getting where you want to go.
  5. You seem a bit wary of this big challenge.  Other people have achieved this goal.  What is the gremlin inside of you telling you about your ability to achieve this big challenge (everyone has gremlins, so get them on the table)?
  6. This goal seems a bit narrow and a little weak.  What would it take for you to expand the goal and make it rock solid?
  7. In order to reach this challenge, what behaviors will you stop doing and start doing to accomplish this goal?

There are so many great challenge questions, and I encourage you to start making a list of questions that will challenge your team members to grow into their full potential.