7 Fundamental Steps To Improve Your Sales And Attract More Customers To Your Network Marketing Business

Are you someone who is constantly struggling to bridge the gap in your sales to build a long-term business?  If so, you are not alone.

This post will address the seven key strategies to help you build long-term relationships with your team members and customers that will deliver long-term results for your network marketing team, your colleagues and potential customers.

1. Clearly define the difference between success and failure.

When I ask this question of people, they take time to pause as if they have never considered this question. When you think of success, you must be able to truly believe that you can be successful. Believing that you can achieve great success can be challenging, especially when everyone you contact is saying “NO”! Too a large extent, Network Marketing is a numbers game. It is not uncommon to hear 11-12 “NO’s” before you get a “YES”. If you continue with your sales process and experience success, you will become more and more confident along the way, and more new distributors and customers will want to join your team.

You must also define what failure looks like. For some people, failure is hearing two “NO” answers (and they quit) while others just don’t see failure. The strategy here is to shift your thinking from negative to positive and sticking with your process.

2. Write a script that is very similar to others have used with great success.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and do everything to streamline your script. Find someone who is clearly the best with enrolling and cacquiring customers (that may be two different people) and invite them to a next conversation or meeting to simply get to know each other. During this conversation, you will find a wealth of information that you won’t be able to find at a workshop or in a book. Once you have your script, practice your sales or prospecting conversation until it rolls off your tongue with little effort.

3. Clearly define your sales and business plan. Include the following in your plan:

  • Your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals. Write out how many people you feel confident in contacting and then triple that number. Consistency and repetition will help you with your sales goals, but only if you write them and place them in a visible location.
  • Determine your daily plan of action. Once you have determined your monthly goals, you must plan the number of sales you want each week and each day of the week.
  • Establish a process for lead generation and sales management strategies. As previously mentioned, do not reinvent the wheel when it comes to attracting customers to your network marketing team. Find someone in your who has experienced success with sales in their small business and ask for direction.
  • Define your target market. We have talked a great deal about target marketing, and I cannot stress this point enough. It is critical that you clearly define who you want to attract (age, gender, current career path, hobbies, interests and geographical location). When it comes to network marketing, the only thing we wish to caution you to avoid attracting people who are desperate or in serious financial trouble.

Design your environment for success.

4. Your environment can either inspire you or drag you down.

It is important to look at everything around you to make sure it is supporting your success. Areas of your life to study include:

Your office

  • Your home
  • Your family, friends and colleagues
  • The books and journals you read
  • Your wardrobe: Is it designed for success and confidence?
  • Objects around you that are creating either a positive or negative attitude

As you consider redesigning your environment, you want to be able to walk into your home or office and feel inspired by its beauty. The same holds true for the people in your life. If you are surrounded by nay-sayers, you probably won’t get very far. If you surround yourself with people who are successful and winning in life, your sales should increase just by being around them.

5. Become one of the most valuable business leaders in the world.

People who are successful in business always seem to find a way to become valuable to their customers and team members. The more valuable you are, the more your team and prospects will reward you. To add value, start by giving to and/or helping others. The goal is for you to become known as a valuable resource… not a pushy salesperson.

6. Develop a listening strategy.

Listening is a critical skill and take time to really listen to the prospect about their greater world. Ask open-ended questions and listen closely for the needs and desires of your potential customers. Many salespeople believe it is their job to talk on and on to show their customers and team members how much they know and how smart they have become through their many years in sales. People don’t really care about your details. They will, however, respond to you if you are listening closely to hear more about what they need and want. During the questioning process, you may hear people talk a great deal about their family, business, hobbies or travels. If you have genuinely find something in common with this potential customer, softly introduce your connections without trying to “One Up” the potential customer. Do your best to stay in question mode, and the prospect will more than likely begin to tell you more AND will begin to ask you questions about yourself. . This is the time to briefly tell him or her about your network marketing business. The fewer words you can use, the more connection you will make with your prospect.

7. Establish a next step before you end the enrolment/sales conversation.

Invite him or her to coffee or lunch with the goal of strengthening the relationship. It may take 7-10 interactions before your prospect gives you an answer. If they say “YES” or “NO”, thank the prospect for their time and continue to stay in touch.