7 Ways To Inspire Your Customers To Promote Your Business

In marketing and business, we all constantly preach the “You are the brand” sermon to our team members. Something struck me today that maybe this statement may not be an absolute. Maybe the owner and employees are not the brand…maybe the customer is the brand”. I am sure I am not the first or only person who has thought this, because you always hear of “walking billboards for your business” and “brand ambassadors” for your company.

So, the question is…how do you get customers to “be the brand” and to inspire them to promote your business to others?

Here are 7 ways that you can inspire your customers to promote your business.

1. Give your customers something they don’t even know they need before they buy

2. As you are promoting your network marketing business, you will interact with people who don’t really know what you are doing or what you are selling. You can begin to attract customers by giving them an experience of you and your brand. Invite them to a webinar, audio call or live event so that they can actually experience your brand.

2. Make your brand relevant.

It is critical for you to look and feel current and relevant. You will be competing in a global marketplace, and you have to stay relevant. Use high touch technology, offer something current and dress in a way that looks new and fresh.

3. Keep innovating.

As you are building your network marketing business, it is critical for you to keep a close eye on what customers are buying and what they really like. Once you have done a bit of research, you can move into brainstorming mode with your team by asking questions. It is so easy to try to give advice, but innovation happens when a great question or problem gets answered. Always be looking for new ways to delight your customers.

4. Act in a way that gets others to like, trust and need you.

Every person on your team and every customer needs to feel like they are number 1 in your book. When speaking, use the person’s name, ask them questions about their lives and families and be quiet as opposed to constantly talking. People will not care how much you know until you show how much you care.

5. Find out what your customers like and don’t like.

It is critical for you to stay on top of what customers want and need and deliver that in spades. Stay away from the things the majority of your customers don’t want, and they will grow to like and trust you enough to refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.

6. Take advantages of all interactions with your team and your potential customers.

When you have a phone conversation, and someone mentions a specific topic, send an article to help them understand their specific topic even more. You may also consider sending a small thank you like a rewards card for a up of coffee from Starbucks, movie passes or just a thank you note for taking time to talk with you.

7. Be visible.

One of the main reasons that some business owners get more referrals is because they are out and about. They are seen at every event, donating their time to a charity or simply walking in the business district of their town. When someone decides they want to be in the type of business you are in, they will think of you first.

If you follow the above 7 steps, your current customers will not only like you more, they will tell their friends, family and colleagues about you.