About Cliff Walker

About Cliff Walker

With More Than 17-Years of Helping Corporate Employees Transition Into a New Life of Entrepreneurial Freedom, Cliff Walker Is THE ‘Go To’ Transition Specialist in This Alternative Way of Income Generation.


After years of stress and the ‘ever-present’ frustration of the corporate environment, with its relentless quotas and your income level determined by someone else. Cliff Walker decided to look elsewhere for financial security. Little did he know that an unusual research project would open his mind to a previously unseen career opportunity.

Cliff discovered a business model that was providing the same or higher income levels as a stressed-filled corporate job only without the politics, income ceilings and other corporate shenanigans.

Cliff quickly made the transition to this new lifestyle by creating his own income stream which far exceeded his corporate salary. He’s built  global sales organisations of more than 100,000 people and began coaching others on how to transition out of a job they hate and into a whole new lifestyle few know about.

After 17-years as a lifestyle advisor and a million dollar income earner, Cliff has perfected a guaranteed system for making transitioning easy, safe and highly effective. A system that minimizes risks from such a career re-imagining.

The “Collaborative Marketing Process for Financial Freedom” is a combination and unique blend of traditional business processes combined with cutting-edge home business strategies, personal development and business coaching.

It’s proven to boost success levels and financial goal achievement to a consistent, predictable, easy-to-do system — it’s something no one else has.

His in-demand coaching and training schedule keeps him hopping around the globe — which is fine as Cliff and his wife love to travel.

As an ex-corporate type and current expat, Cliff’s lifestyle allows him to work from anywhere in the world. In the “age of the smartphone” this means Cliff currently lives in Uruguay, South America.

“With a lifestyle re-design all the people I help can have the same options of time freedom and geographic location choice.” Cliff says, “I enjoy working with people, of all backgrounds, and seeing them achieve success.”

“What I offer is only for those who understand that traditional business is broken, and that are open-minded to embrace a new, more powerful model for achieving financial freedom.”

When not involved with this new model of financial empowerment for entrepreneurially-minded corporate executives,  Cliff is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children. He has supported the building of a small schoolhouse in a poor community in Uruguay. It gives the children a place where they can continue learning after school and on weekends. He’s also in partnership with Free the Children, and Hope and Homes for Children.

You can also find him watching his beloved sports, especially boxing, soccer, and rugby. As well as, traveling the globe.

When asked about how he’d like to be remembered, he responds, “As someone who has made a contribution to others achieving success. For providing world class support. For helping frustrated corporate people find a new and exciting career. And for helping children have a better life.