Are You a Successful Entrepreneur…Or…Are You Just a Jerk?

So, you say you want to become an entrepreneur, and you want to be wildly successful?

There is a fundamental truth in business that states: “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

This is a rule of business we have all heard and has been repeated over and over again, but for some reason, certain business owners just don’t follow the rule, and people just simply don’t like them and have no interest in doing business with them.

So, as someone who wants to become an entrepreneur, do you want to be successful, or are you just an unlikable jerk? Take this quick quiz to determine if your personality is truly designed to be a successful business leader. These 7 behaviors will hold you back from being able to be as successful as you could be:

1.Do you have an incessant need to talk about yourself?

When it comes to business, people don’t really want to hear you go on and on about your life and how great you are. They want you to show an interest in them and their business and lives. Shift your focus from you to them by becoming curious and asking questions about their business, life, family, hobbies, travels and interests. Let them talk and for you…just listen!

2. Do you give unsolicited advice?

No one wants to hear your two cents of advice each time they speak about a problem or concern. If someone asks you for advice, then give it. Otherwise, avoid giving advice at all times. You will be viewed as someone who thinks they “know it all”, and no one likes a “know it all”.

3. Do you blame other people for your problems?

It is so much easier to blame others for your problems and shortcomings or to admit that you made a mistake. It is much harder to take responsibility for your problems and actions. If you have a problem in your life, there is a 99% chance you had something to do with the issue. Step back from the problem long enough to consider how you played a role in the problem or failure, and admit to others what role you played in the problem.

4. Do you have a need to be right?

Are you someone who has to win at all costs and in all situations…even when winning and being right really don’t matter. Just like unsolicited advice, people don’t want to get into a “right vs. wrong” conversation with someone who always has to be right. Let other people “win” in the conversation, and they will be much more attracted to you and your business.

5. Are you known for making destructive, negative comments?

Some people have a need to make sarcastic, cutting remarks. They think it makes them sound witty, but the reality is that sarcasm can often feel like a form of verbal abuse. If you can’t say something nice about another person or a situation, don’t say anything at all. People will quickly tell others what you have been saying, which can ruin your reputation as an entrepreneur.

6. Do you claim credit that you don’t deserve?

If you are claiming credit that you don’t deserve, you won’t be fooling anyone. This is probably one of the most annoying ways you can claim success. Give other people the credit they deserve, and allow other people to acknowledge your contributions to a successful project. You will come across a someone who is humble and grateful, and both habits are admired by others.

7. Do you just not listen?

When someone is talking, are you looking at your text messages, looking around for “someone better to talk to” or are you interrupting others at every turn? If so, you are turning someone who could become a friend, colleague or client into an instant enemy. People want to be heard, and they want to see visual clues that you are actually listening. Practice looking people in the eye, and focus on what they are saying and how what they are talking about is impacting their greater world.

As you are beginning to build a business and begin walking down the road as an entrepreneur, focus on providing great service, listening to and inspiring others and building a team of people that are both liked and trusted. Focusing on making money is a great goal, but if you want to be truly successful, it is critical that you focus on people and doing everything you can to help them get what they want and need.