Are You Hesitant About Leaving Your Corporate Job? Answer These 5 Questions To Help You Make A Decision

I talk quite often with a lot of unhappy people who are dissatisfied with their corporate job for a variety of reasons—the job imposes too much of their personal time, they feel they aren’t making enough money or excitement in work is dwindling.

When I talk with people who are considering leaving their corporate job to become an entrepreneur, I discourage them from running from their corporate job and running to the prospect of building a business. It is critical that you really want to become an entrepreneur and not that you are running away from a corporate job to something else that may not make you happy. Before you leave your corporate job and become an entrepreneur, below are five questions you need to answer to make sure your intentions are in the right place.

1. Are you having interpersonal problems with another colleague, staff member or your boss?

In the corporate world, you will find out that the majority of people don’t leave the company…they leave team members, colleagues and bosses. As you transition into the world as an entrepreneur and business owner, you will be coming in contact with a wide variety of colleagues and eventually team members. You will meet people who you like and some that you don’t. If you leave your corporate job to get away from people you can’t get along with, just know that as an entrepreneur, you are going to come in contact with even more people than in your corporate life, and you will be challenged to find a way to get along with others in order to be successful.

2. Are you underperforming at work?

If you are underperforming at work, this is a red flag you will need to pay attention to. As an entrepreneur, you will need to find ways to stay motivated and set goals that will stretch you to peak performance. If you are someone who is not able to motivate yourself, look at this closely before leaving your job. The most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they have to find ways every day to set goals, set higher goals and start to see a big vision for the future that will require you to stay motivated.

3. Do you feel undervalued?

Are you someone who needs to hear praise or who feels you need a promotion or salary increase each time you complete a big project? If so, quitting your job will not satisfy your desire for feeling valued. As an entrepreneur, you will more than likely hear more complaints and criticisms than praise and words of gratitude. You need to be extremely confident to become an entrepreneur and understand you may never hear the words “You did a great job”. If you truly need to feel more valued at work, talk with your boss about your desire before completely quitting your job.

4. You’re bored, so you have mentally and emotionally “checked out.”

You may be experiencing lack of growth and boredom, and you feel it is your company’s job to “entertain” you. As an entrepreneur, you will be challenged to innovate, stretch and find ways to add energy to your day. If you believe this is someone else’s responsibility to keep your career interesting, you are in for a rude awakening. As a business owner, it will become your responsibility to find ways to keep both work and life interesting and exciting.

5. Do you feel time strapped?

When you are at work, if you feel you never have the time needed to get the job done, or you are having difficulty with work-life balance, it is time to think twice about becoming an entrepreneur. In the first 2-3 years of building your business, you will probably be working long hours, your work-life balance may be a challenge and you may invest more time in building your business than at working as corporate careerist. As you build your business and become successful, your lifestyle will be much more manageable, but in the early months and years of your business, you need to prepare yourself to dedicate at least 40 hours per week (probably more) to be successful.

If you are not quite sure you should quit your job to become an entrepreneur, the best way to begin the decision making process by listing the pros and cons of leaving and the pros and cons of staying. Look closely at the list and make sure you have the passion and drive that will be required of you once you begin to travel the road of becoming an entrepreneur.