5 Ways To Think Differently and Out-Produce Your Competition in Network Marketing

5 Ways To Think Differently and Out-Produce Your Competition in Network Marketing

5 Ways To Think Differently and Out-Produce Your Competition in Network Marketing

As I have lived out my career in Network Marketing, I can tell you that there are more people who get results over those people who are visionary strategists.  While some people are definitely born to be strategists, you don’t have to be born a strategist.  By  changing the way you think  on a daily basis, you can learn how to out-produce your competition.1. Recognize the value of effective long-term planning.

1. Recognize the value of effective long-term planning.

is not uncommon for people to not be able to recognize or acknowledge the value of long term planning. They have never written or worked on a 1, 3 or 5 year plan, instead they have focused on short  term 30, 60 or 90 day plans.  While helpful these short trem plans mean nothing unless they fit into a longer term plan..  If you can understand  the benefits of strong long term planning, you will learn that a great  plan can lead to:

    • Smart choices about how you invest your resources
    • A solid plan for your network marketing business
    • The ideal qualities of people you want to enroll onto your team
    • Smart choices about how you spend your time each day.

2. Become curious and use your imagination.

Many business owners are so focused on today, they cannot begin to think about the future. This is a belief system that can damage your network marketing business.  The goal  is to think more strategically  and   get to the “What ifs?” in business and in the world outside of your own.  Ask the following questions and go looking for some answers:

  • What will happen to my business if the world economy changes?
  • What changes in the technology industry are on the horizon that may change the way I do business?
  • What is changing in the world, and how might these changes impact my network marketing business. Examples may include:
    • Accounting
    • Acting
    • Art
    • Banking and Finance
    • Engineering
    • Medicine and Research
    • Music
    • Robotics
    • Sports

3. Broaden your perspective.

Many people in the world of business are focused on one thing, and they do that one thing really well.  As an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to ditch your narrow field and broaden your perspective to areas of life and business that may feel overwhelming.  By knowing a little bit about a lot of things outside the world of network marketing, you will become someone who is a great conversationalist, and you will create a bond with people who share your thirst for knowledge.  You can start this process by reading a few business books and journals, and take a note of what topics interest you.  From there, dig deeper into the topic until you feel like you could have a conversation with others without looking like you are a one trick pony.

4. Embrace the uncertainties and the unknowns in the network marketing and in your greater world.

Strategic planning and thinking can feel daunting, because with great strategic thinking, you will be dealing the future.  With the future comes a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, and for the majority of people, the unknown brings about change, which can be unsettling.  The best approach is to use your intuition to guide you and make subtle changes along the way.  The one big mistake in business is not planning ahead, so big plans that are in the mind often go unmet.  Get the uncertainties and unknowns on paper or use a mind mapping tool to help you connect the dots.  Feeling the relief of stating the unknowns will serve as a catalyst to move you forward.

5. Embrace complexity.

In the world of network marketing, we  encourage simple things:  5 steps to network marketing success or 7 ways to save time every day.  Strategic thinking and planning involves speculating on the near unknown. It requires looking into cloudy, foggy places in the future. It requires assumptions about the unknown.  In the beginning of building your network marketing business, the idea  of strategic thinking may feel overwhelming and complex.  Embrace that and take the steps needed to get simple answers to complex issues. Get in touch with your intuition and voice your  ideas to a group of people.  This one step can give you a great deal of confidence and accountability that will require that you follow your strategic plan.

As you begin to think differently to connect the plans you have for the future, you will discover a level of inspiration and knowledge that separates you from the pack.  Spend one hour each day using the above five steps until the process plays out naturally for you and your business.

The Ten Deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your   Network Marketing Business

The Ten Deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Network Marketing Business

The Ten Deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Network Marketing Business

No-one in Network Marketing starts  a business with a goal of providing  a poor example of leadership to their team .  But many business owners also do not start out with a strong team support strategy in place. .   Knowledge can yield power.  Avoid  the ten deadly mistakes that’s so many make, and get started on delivering world class support  that  will keep your team with you as you build your business.

The 10 Deadly Mistakes:

1. Not returning phone calls.

If you are not returning phone calls, this will be a red flag for team members  who are trying to reach you.  They will assume that you are ignoring them or that your time is more valuable than theirs.  I highly recommend that you do your best to return each phone call within 24 hours, 48 hours at the latest.

2. Not returning emails.

With the invention of computers and smart phones, it is so easy to return an email, even if someone is trying  to unload their problems on you or complain about something related to the business .  You can simply reply  to the person who emailed you that you want to digest the email and that you will return the email the next day.  A 24-hour turn-around time is expected in the business world, and if you are waiting for days to return an email, a Distributor  will more than likely stop working or worse still quit!.

3. Giving people what you think they want…not what they truly want.

In the world of network marketing, when you are prospecting and enrolling new team members it is critical for you to get at the heart of what people really want…not what you think they want.  You may discover that someone really just wants to spend more free time with family and that money is not a concern at this time.  Take your prospecting and enrollment process seriously and truly listen to what is being said to get at the heart of both wants and needs for your potential customers.

4. Not listening to your team.

This ties a bit back into number 3, but goes much further.  If you are not listening, you are probably talking about yourself, complaining, you don’t really know what you are saying or doing or maybe you are “crying wolf” once again.  The best way to listen is to stop talking and consider how what the speaker is saying and how it impacts his or her greater world

5. Interrupting others.

Interrupting is a common business problem.  People seem so busy…they just interrupt you to stop the conversation so they can move on.  The person you are communicating with  will more than likely think you are arrogant or overly dominant and will more than likely move on to do something else. .  It does not matter how much money, fame or power you have, everyone you meet needs to be treated with dignity and respect.

6. You enroll people onto your team, and you then just forget about them, moving on to new blood.

As you are enrolling new Distributors s onto your network marketing team, it can be an exciting time.  You will find yourself engaging more with new people  and sharing in their excitement of joining your team.  However, what often happens down the road is that you forget about those first few team members  you enrolled, and you have moved on to enrolling new people with new blood.  Implement a “keep in touch” strategy with every single person  you have enrolled.  Everyone wants to feel acknowledged, and you are the one to do just that.

7. Not saying thank you often enough.

When was the last time you thanked a a team member for doing something helpful?  If you are not specifically thanking someone every day for their contributions, then you are losing points with your team.  Catch people doing the right thing or for adding value and thank them in front of other people.  This one act will go a very long way in the network marketing business.

8. Being late but expecting others to be on time.

Simply because you are the team leader, you are not exempt from being on time to meetings or conference calls.  You should be the first person to show up which will model the behavior you want to see in others.

9. Using the wrong type of language.

The language you use needs to be kind and supportive…not curt and with and spoken with arrogance.  A warm smile and kind words (even if only a few words) will stamp a positive view in the minds of your customers.

10. Not being available.

Are you restricting your support to a typical 9-5 window of time? Your network marketing business will be global, and you will more than likely be engaging with people who are not in your time zone.  If you can offer Skype or chat support for extended hours on certain days, your team  will feel they are more in touch with you than not.  Also, when scheduling meetings or phone calls, ask your Distributors this question “What is the best time for you?”  Unless that time is at 3:00 AM, do your best to accommodate others and being more available than in the past.  Another good idea is to set your schedule and ensure that your team know exactly when you are available and when they can reach you.

These ten deadly mistakes probably sound familiar, and your team members  may not remember each and every touch they have had with you in the past.  Just remember this:  People may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.  Start working today on a customer service plan that will make others feel confident and valued.

How To Define the Watershed Moments Of Your Life And Learn From Them To Be Successful In Your Network Marketing Business

How To Define the Watershed Moments Of Your Life And Learn From Them To Be Successful In Your Network Marketing Business

How To Define the Watershed Moments Of Your Life And Learn From Them To Be Successful In Your Network Marketing Business

Our lives are defined by turning points in our lives. Some moments fly by while others seem to drag on forever.  We are often impatient, and we are waiting for those “big success” moments of life, and we often miss the small moments that carve our path in life and lead us to a variety of achievements.

As a business owner in the network marketing industry, it is important to do two things:

  1. Define those turning points or what we call “watershed moments” and list all that you learned from those moments, both the successes and the failures. This exercise will require that you dedicate time on a daily basis to doing everything you can to remember the turning points in your life and the lessons, both good and bad, you learned.
  2. Once you have defined your watershed moments, do your best to look at the blind spots of those turning points in your life and what you learned from the hiccups during those stages of life that pulled you off your path. We all have blind spots, and it is often hindsight that shines a light on the actions we took that caused failure or defeat This exercise is something you should be dedicated to doing at least two times per year.  This will help you tremendously as you learn what is not working so that you can move in the direction of success.

There are three steps to take when defining and learning from the watershed moments of your life.

Step 1:  Define the turning points or watershed moments of your life.  Examples may include:

  • Your first day of kindergarten
  • Graduating from high school
  • College
  • Falling in love for the first time
  • Marriage
  • Entering the work force
  • Building a family
  • Hardships in life or business
  • Memorable vacations

Step 2:  Define the positive things you experienced during the watershed moments of your life.  Examples may include:

  • College: Learning to live alone, living on a budget, meeting lifelong friends and choosing your major for your first career
  • Entering the work force: Training, reading the employee manual, being asked to do a job you were not hired to do and climbing the corporate ladder
  • Building a family: Raising your first child and feeling stressed, paying bills for children, making decisions about school for your children and going through the terrible 2s and the raging teens
  • Memorable vacations: Learning something you never knew you didn’t know, seeing a breathtaking view, enjoying new foods you have never eaten and meeting new people along the way.

Step 3:  Journal about the blind spots of your watershed moments.  As I mentioned previously, these are the things that you learned from mistakes and failures.  Examples may include:

  • Difficulties in making friends during kindergarten related to a shy demeanor
  • Hanging out with the wrong crowd in high school
  • Graduating from college with a low GPA because you chose to party your way through college
  • Losing the first romantic relationship in your life, because you did not appreciate and respect your partner
  • Your marriage ended in divorce, because you simply would not communicate with your spouse
  • Your career stalled, because you did not take the steps needed to advance in your career
  • Poor relationships with your children, because you chose to work over being there for their important milestones (birthdays, sporting events, holidays or college graduation)
  • Making the same mistakes over and over again, because you continued to do the same things over and over again without learning from your mistakes

This process should not end with identifying your past watershed moments. You will need to do a great bit of soul searching on a daily basis to Identify both the successes and failures in life.  Identifying the success points in life can be easy.  Defining the blind spots is a much more difficult task, because you cannot observe yourself living your life.  Only others can see what you are doing to create success and what you are missing that may cause failure.  To help you begin to identify and work to change your blind spots, start by doing all that you can to identify your own goals and intentions and how you want to be perceived by others. It is critical to understand that people will perceive you according to their own goals, intentions, desires and values.  Once you have identified your goals and intentions, ask yourself these four important questions to reveal your blind spots:

  1. How would you like to be perceived by others? What do you want your reputation to be in the network marketing world?
  2. What is your actual reputation in the network marketing field? The best way to answer this question is to talk to friends and colleagues and ask for candid feedback about how you are being perceived.
  3. What is the gap between how you want to be perceived and how you are actually being perceived? Once you clearly identify the gap, make a list of the action steps you need to take to shift so that your desired perception becomes the perceived perception in the network marketing field.
  4. What skills do you need to develop to be successful in the current field of network marketing? You may have worked for years on developing a list of strong leadership skills that have worked for you in the past.  The world is changing swiftly—from your customers’ needs to the technology you use and the products and services your competition is offering.  It is important to embrace change and develop the skills you need to build so that you are relevant and credible in the business world today.

By identifying your watershed moments in your life, you will learn to appreciate the small action steps that helped you achieve success and those actions that led to failure.  As I have said many times, we gain experience by making mistakes and using those to turn decisions into moments of true success.

The 8 Steps to Brainstorm Your Way Through A Block and in the Direction of Business Success

The 8 Steps to Brainstorm Your Way Through A Block and in the Direction of Business Success

The 8 Steps to Brainstorm Your Way Through A Block and in the Direction of Business Success

It is not uncommon for the majority of business owners to hit a block at some point in their business process. This is also true for people who are building a network marketing business. When done well, the power of brainstorming can be the conduit to something spectacular in your business. One person cannot make a team, and in order to give your business the best chances of success, it is critical for you to harness the collective brainpower of a few successful people from different backgrounds. This post will provide you with the steps to take to use a wide range of angles and avenues to explore solutions to some of your biggest business blocks.

1. Identify the problem you want to solve.

When it comes to network marketing, many business leaders identify blocks around prospecting and enrolment. State your specific problem you want to solve. Example: ” I am completely blocked when it comes to enrolment conversations. I feel afraid and don’t want to hear someone say “No”.

2. Identify the goal you want to achieve.

Before you begin the brainstorming process, you have to identify the goal you want to achieve using the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting process:
S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Timely

Example: I will schedule and implement three enrolment conversations each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will start my goal of enrolling ten new customers on May 15, 2018 and will continue this process until June 10, 2018. Once my goal is reached, I will evaluate my process, refine it and continue moving forward.

3. Consider your goal, and ask five people from diverse backgrounds to join you in a brainstorming session.

When it comes to brainstorming, you will need to limit the people in the room or people on a conference call to five people. These five people need to be from diverse backgrounds, because you never know when an idea outside of your industry will be the winning recipe.

4. Establish the time for the brainstorming session.

It is best to brainstorm early in the day, no later than 10:00 in the morning. Limit the brainstorming process to one hour to avoid brainstorming fatigue.

5. Put ALL ideas on the table, and assign someone the duty of collecting the ideas.

The brainstorming process needs to be creative, no matter how ridiculous the idea may seem. Someone may say “Schedule an art tour” or “Eat a dish you have never eaten” or “Set a date for a game of tennis.” Ideas can come from ANY industry. You simply have to trust the process. In a period of 45 minutes, you may have 50 ideas…all are good ideas and no one needs to be shut down. In the idea creation phase, all ideas need to be on the table and considered to be valuable. It is also important to have one person in the meeting who is not in the brainstorming process but who will be assigned the duty of writing the ideas out for the group to review later.

6. Pick five of the best ideas and begin to talk about how to use at least two of these ideas to break through the block.

During the last 15 minutes, consider the ideas that are on the table. Pick the five ideas that truly resonate with you and move them to the top of the list. Once you have picked five ideas, reduce this down to two ideas and move to the next step.

7. For each of the two ideas, write out the process for each of the two goals.

This step is critical and needs to take place during the brainstorming process. If you send your mastermind group on their way, you may never get to writing out the process you will follow to implement your new goals.

8. Implement your two high impact goals immediately.

The brainstorming process should be swift, and the best way to move through a block is to implement your new steps immediately. The longer you wait, the more difficult the block will become. Swift movement is critical if you truly want to be successful in building a successful network marketing business.

How To Blog Your Way To A Successful Network Marketing Business:  The 5 Topics That Will Quickly Attract New Customers

How To Blog Your Way To A Successful Network Marketing Business: The 5 Topics That Will Quickly Attract New Customers

How To Blog Your Way To A Successful Network Marketing Business: The 5 Topics That Will Quickly Attract New Customers

In this day and age of the sharing of information on the internet, one of the best ways to attract potential customers is to open a blog and begin writing articles that people find valuable.

By writing a blog, you can establish your business expertise and dramatically extend your online reach. Your articles should be well thought out and written to give you a chance to expose yourself to the broadest audience possible, which will naturally lead to new opportunities for your network marketing business.

The 5 topics that have proven to be most valuable over time include:

1. “Tip”articles.

Long paragraph blog posts and writing that goes on and on will not fall on supportive ears. In today’s world, people are time strapped. They want to be able to quickly scan your blog post for tips that they can act on today. Your tip articles can be about anything: business, marketing, cooking, taking a vacation or how to save money while shopping. As the owner of a network marketing business, you will more than likely want 75% of your articles to be on how to be successful in network marketing, but it will delight your followers to occasionally see a more human side of your life.

2. Blog topics that share your 5 top challenges AND your secrets to success.

Without bragging, a great way to attract readers to your blog is to share your 5 biggest challenges or roadblocks to success and then flip that to talk about the steps you took to turn a challenging time into years of success. Trust me, thousands of people will be able to connect with you once they hear your humble side of life. You will definitely want the reader to know there is a “way out” of a challenge and writing about the details of your success will show that you are willing to share your best information with the public.

3. Questions and answers from the five most successful people you know.

Once again, you will want to stay with the “tip” format. Ask the five most important people you know about their secrets to success, share their names and their websites. You will not only provide value to your readers, you will begin building a network with five highly successful business leaders.

4. Current book reviews.

People are often so very curious about what business leaders are reading. One of the best ways to show you are a leader in your industry is to study books that are not yet on the market but are coming soon. You can find these lists on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or through a website such as Book Reporter: https://www.bookreporter.com/coming-soon. If you can order an advance copy, do so, read the book and tell your readers why they should read the book. You don’t want to give away what is in the book, but you can certainly say “I just read one of the greatest up and coming books. The name of the book is X by X author. Chapter 3 on the topic of X is one of the best summaries I have read.” From there, tell readers how they can order an advance copy. People love being ahead of the game, and you will be the one to help them achieve that goal.

5. Pictures and videos.

People love pictures and video, and it is very simple to share a video on your own blog OR capture your own pictures and short videos to give the public more insight into who you are. When it comes to pictures, you can write an entire tip article by sharing 5 pictures and adding the tip below. A picture or a video will stick in the viewers mind, and you will be remembered when someone chooses to become your customers.

If you are someone who enjoys writing, you can add a simple WordPress blog to your existing website or have a web designer build your entire site using WordPress so that you can blog at least one time per week. If you do not enjoy writing, but you can verbally communicate your ideas, hire someone to help you with the writing process. Talk through the tips with your writer, and once it is ready for preview, add your own words or personality points that will help to seal your brand. At the end of the day, blogging can be extremely rewarding and will help you to draw potential customers in the direction of your network marketing business.