Entrepreneurs’ Freedom Manifesto: Part 1

As you begin to consider becoming an entrepreneur, I encourage you to focus on these founding principles…the entrepreneur’s freedom manifesto will guide you to the freedom and success you want to achieve.

1. High income is just a number unless you have time to enjoy your life.

If you’re working 12-hour days…or longer…six or seven days a week, your bank balance might be impressive, but you’re probably missing out on life itself. There’s no time for the things you like to do, no time for your family, and certainly no time to travel. You are proving the point that money can’t buy happiness.

2. An entrepreneurial enterprise is the only real path to true financial success. .

If you are good at a traditional job, if you are great at a traditional job, even if you are told you’re the best person on the team…you cannot control and insure your own success. Entrepreneurship gives you the tools, the flexibility, and the ownership to achieve financial success on your own terms.

3. Having a vehicle that creates income is better than simply having a job. .

With a traditional job you are trading time for money. You are also allowing someone else to determine how much money for each hour, how many hours you’ll work, and on what schedule. By building an income-generating vehicle you gain the ability to produce income on your own time and your own terms.

4. True wealth can only be achieved when income is also generated for you, not solely by you.

The well-designed income-generating vehicle works even when you do not. It has the ability to grow organically, and as it grows you will receive income from other entrepreneurs who want to be part of your enterprise.

5. Success in your enterprise requires initial training and ongoing coaching from seasoned and successful entrepreneurs. .

Working on your own no longer means going it alone. Experts in marketing, communications, management, digital technology, and other necessary business skills are available to help you start, grow, and nurture your entrepreneurial enterprise.

6. If an entrepreneurial enterprise can’t work as well without you as with you, it is simply a job with longer hours. .

The well-designed entrepreneurial enterprise does not require your hand on the switch every hour of every day. It is not based on working harder, but on working smarter. You will be able to travel, relax, and enjoy friends and family as your wealth grows.

7. The successful entrepreneur brings total focus, commitment, and persistence to the enterprise. .

He or she must direct energy and intellect at the enterprise, must commit time and attention to its development, and must stay the course throughout that development process. The rewards will come to those who take responsibility for their own success.

Please revisit this blog next Monday to read Part 2 of Entrepreneurs’ Freedom Manifesto.