Entrepreneurs’ Freedom Manifesto: Part 2

In a recent post, I presented the first seven principles of the Entrepreneurs’ Freedom Manifesto. This post will present part two of the Entrepreneurs’ Freedom Manifesto.

1. While every entrepreneurial opportunity has potential risks and pitfalls, they can be avoided when understood and anticipated.

The critical element is thorough preparation. The right mentors can show you how others have succeeded in the past. And more importantly they can show you why some have failed. By understanding someone else’s failure you are better equipped to avoid your own.

2. Contributing to the success of others will accelerate your success over time.

Your own success increases when your focus is on helping others. When you act as a role model your example will be duplicated and therefore multiply success for everyone involved.

3. You can attain entrepreneurial freedom through part-time effort; even in tandem with another fulfilling income-earning vehicle.

Build your new entrepreneurial enterprise while you maintain the security of your present employment. Move forward on your enterprise at the pace that suits you. When the time is right for you, step away from the past and make your enterprise your future.

4. You can transition from a life of satisfaction to a far more gratifying life of fulfillment.

Building a successful entrepreneurial enterprise goes well beyond achieving a secure financial future. It gives you the freedom to define your future by living an optimal life that brings you pleasure and fulfillment. And allows you the time to share that life with those you love.

5. How we generate our income should not define or limit who we are, it should only be the vehicle that funds who we want to become.

You can be many things in your one life when you have sufficient income and time away from work. The entrepreneurial life lets you be a traveler, painter, writer, photographer, sailor, actor, musician, or whatever else inspires and delights you. With the income from your entrepreneurial enterprise you are free to pursue your passion.

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