Franchising, start-up or network marketing?

What are the alternatives to entrepreneurship?

A franchise or a start-up is the dream for millions of people. But millions of people don’t have that £10k-£2m to get that franchise/start-up fee paid, not to mention the idea, plan, funding or marketing. Sometimes, when these have all been identified and mapped out, people are told to ‘just go for it’, ‘you’ll regret it if you never try’. Those of you who do make that decision, I encourage and applaud you. On the other hand, those that don’t are not cowards, they just need a less risky way of getting out of the rat race in which they find themselves trapped.

Luckily, this transition can be assisted by network marketing, offering you the ability to transition from full-time work, to working for yourself. Making the leap to leave full time income, and delving into the unknown is often the only thing holding people back from claiming the life they want. Network marketing offers a middle ground. Three quarters of the people who start their network marketing career do it part-time, relieving them from the stress from loss of income, the pain of start-up fees, the necessity of an idea and a plan, and most importantly, giving them time to gain the confidence needed to rip of the job-shaped plaster and leave their full-time employment and income. The time need only be spent on improving sales skills and building that network, everything else is taken care of. Once you’ve spent time on these, and stepped into the network marketing world you’re already one step closer to choosing your own hours, and living the life you want to live when you want to live it.

When the CIPD last surveyed 500 entrepreneurs who set up their own businesses, key concerns that were uncovered were the challenging economic climate (65%), working long hours (54%), managing financial issues (52%) and a general lack of funding (52%). Network marketing offers a route to profitable entrepreneurship which sets aside these concerns.

The cost of network marketing is much lower than the cost of start-up. The average total spend on your first set of products starts at anything from £150 to £1500; so much lower than that £10k- £2m for franchise or start-up and you don’t have your loss of earnings in the meantime. Your expenditure is minimal, as is the risk because you’re still earning, and as detailed in this blog [insert hyperlink], the money spent on marketing is lower than your average advertised product.

The takings globally of nearly £200 billion in network marketing suggest a viable and sustainable career path. The best advice out there is to start by doing some research. Research is key. Find the network marketing company whose products and proposition appeal to you most and go from there. Working for yourself, choosing your own hours and moving towards your own success does not mean automatically that you have to develop a dramatic and aggressive business plan. Nor does it mean that you need a lot of investment funds. Having grown 10 per cent in the past year, revenues from network marketing across the UK stand at nearly £2.5 billion. It’s finally time to reconsider!