How To Blog Your Way To A Successful Network Marketing Business: The 5 Topics That Will Quickly Attract New Customers

In this day and age of the sharing of information on the internet, one of the best ways to attract potential customers is to open a blog and begin writing articles that people find valuable.

By writing a blog, you can establish your business expertise and dramatically extend your online reach. Your articles should be well thought out and written to give you a chance to expose yourself to the broadest audience possible, which will naturally lead to new opportunities for your network marketing business.

The 5 topics that have proven to be most valuable over time include:

1. “Tip”articles.

Long paragraph blog posts and writing that goes on and on will not fall on supportive ears. In today’s world, people are time strapped. They want to be able to quickly scan your blog post for tips that they can act on today. Your tip articles can be about anything: business, marketing, cooking, taking a vacation or how to save money while shopping. As the owner of a network marketing business, you will more than likely want 75% of your articles to be on how to be successful in network marketing, but it will delight your followers to occasionally see a more human side of your life.

2. Blog topics that share your 5 top challenges AND your secrets to success.

Without bragging, a great way to attract readers to your blog is to share your 5 biggest challenges or roadblocks to success and then flip that to talk about the steps you took to turn a challenging time into years of success. Trust me, thousands of people will be able to connect with you once they hear your humble side of life. You will definitely want the reader to know there is a “way out” of a challenge and writing about the details of your success will show that you are willing to share your best information with the public.

3. Questions and answers from the five most successful people you know.

Once again, you will want to stay with the “tip” format. Ask the five most important people you know about their secrets to success, share their names and their websites. You will not only provide value to your readers, you will begin building a network with five highly successful business leaders.

4. Current book reviews.

People are often so very curious about what business leaders are reading. One of the best ways to show you are a leader in your industry is to study books that are not yet on the market but are coming soon. You can find these lists on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or through a website such as Book Reporter: If you can order an advance copy, do so, read the book and tell your readers why they should read the book. You don’t want to give away what is in the book, but you can certainly say “I just read one of the greatest up and coming books. The name of the book is X by X author. Chapter 3 on the topic of X is one of the best summaries I have read.” From there, tell readers how they can order an advance copy. People love being ahead of the game, and you will be the one to help them achieve that goal.

5. Pictures and videos.

People love pictures and video, and it is very simple to share a video on your own blog OR capture your own pictures and short videos to give the public more insight into who you are. When it comes to pictures, you can write an entire tip article by sharing 5 pictures and adding the tip below. A picture or a video will stick in the viewers mind, and you will be remembered when someone chooses to become your customers.

If you are someone who enjoys writing, you can add a simple WordPress blog to your existing website or have a web designer build your entire site using WordPress so that you can blog at least one time per week. If you do not enjoy writing, but you can verbally communicate your ideas, hire someone to help you with the writing process. Talk through the tips with your writer, and once it is ready for preview, add your own words or personality points that will help to seal your brand. At the end of the day, blogging can be extremely rewarding and will help you to draw potential customers in the direction of your network marketing business.