The 5 Warning Signs Your Job Is Making You Sick


For decades, we have all heard stories about a man or woman in great shape who gets violently ill or dies for no known reason.  As the story unfolds, we learn that the men and women who had sudden physical complications were actually experiencing an enormous amount of stress at work.

Stress is no laughing matter. Stress affects us all. You may notice symptoms of stress during hectic times at work, when managing your finances, dealing with family matters, moving to a new location or when coping with a challenging relationship.

Stress is all around us.  A little stress is normal and can help us build coping skills during stressful situations.  Too much stress, however, can wear you down, make you exhausted and make you both physically and mentally sick.  If you think your corporate job is wearing you out, this post is for you.  As you read the main signs, make notes of which ones may apply to you.

    1. You are not sleeping. 

Insomnia seems to be an epidemic felt around the globe.  If you are not sleeping, your first step should be to see a physician.  He or she may prescribe you a short term prescription to help you sleep.  If the insomnia continues after following a protocol prescribed by your physician, it is time to sit down and get real with yourself:  Is your corporate job causing anxiety to the point you just can’t sleep?   A lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease and emotional problems such as anxiety, so addressing your situation is critical to your success.

    2.     You are exhausted.


You may be someone who is sleeping, but maybe you are sleeping too much out of sheer exhaustion.  You may be burning the candle at both ends, and at the end of the day, your muscles and body just ache.  You may be short of breath, and the only thing that can help is to relax and sleep off the stress.  This time interferes with your family and social time, which are two things you probably need most to relax. 

    3.     You are experiencing headaches and backaches.


Ongoing headaches and backaches are often a sign of stress.  And…staring at a computer screen all day and a sedentary work day are not good for your health.  If left unchecked, both can lead to more serious issues such as heart disease, panic attacks and even psychiatric conditions such as depression.  If you can’t address these problems due to time constraints, you have to find the time and put your health first.  It may be time to quit your corporate job and move into the world of the entrepreneur.

    4.     You are gaining weight.


Many companies do not see the purpose in your well-being.  You work long hours, travel days even weeks for the company, your job is sedentary, a high fat, high calorie lunch is catered in each day,  and you are living in a toxic environment.  You just don’t have the time to make healthy choices for dining and exercise, and you feel you just cannot do anything to change the toxic environment.  When you live in an environment that is not healthy, stress kicks in and you are now glued to your seat to please the corporate leaders.  Before you know it, ten pounds have been added to your body.  As you may know, weight gain can lead to a plethora of dangerous illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and problems with your skeletal system.

    5.     You continue to get sick with minor illness like the cold, a stomach virus and the flu.


If you continue to feel stressed, over time, your body is going to be much more susceptible to any viruses that are in the workplace and your personal life.  Keep a record of your illnesses over a six-month period, and get serious with yourself and ask the question , “Am I getting sick because of my job?”  Your gut feeling will give you the answer.  Achieving the perfect balance at work is simple to think about but not often easy to achieve.  We all have pressure points in our career, but working under stress and a toxic environment day and night will begin to impact your health at some point along the way.  I understand there are people who feel they can never leave a high paying corporate job with great benefits.  I simply want to invite you to look at the option of becoming an entrepreneur and taking control of your life and your health.