Lyn Flaherty

United States

Network Marketing Professional

Having over 30 years of sales experience, I’ve had the opportunity to be trained and mentored by those who are known to be some of the most influential and successful leaders in the industry. However, there is one particular individual who is a “cut-above” them all…Cliff Walker. Cliff carries a spirit of excellence that cannot be compared. His compassion to breathe hope and encouragement into you, while also transferring the business and relationship building skills needed for success, without compromising your values, is what Cliff is all about. He is a leader who goes above and beyond the call of duty, to mentor, to guide, and to cheer you on to your own personal victory! He is able to do this with the utmost integrity, tough love, and tenacity. Cliff has the ability to get you super charged, along with instilling an unstoppable belief within yourself to push you to your personal best! I’m so grateful for his example of excellence in the marketplace.