M Stands for Moving On – 10 Signs It’s Time for a New Leader

When I see a business or team in distress, my question is always “Why is it so hard to tackle the obvious?”… or as the old cliche goes… “Why is no one talking about the big elephant in the room… the elephant that is so big that we can’t even see the elephant anymore… we are standing in the room and see that the room has become fuzzy… crowded… dingy, but the elephant has gotten so big that it’s shape has disappeared into a big blob of grey?”

My answer is this… your team has become comfortable with mediocrity… things have always been done a certain way, so there goes the mindset… into the ditch.  You will hear things like:

  1. Eh… performance is okay… it could be better, but it’s fine.
  2. There’s really no need to change… it’s too hard, too time consuming and way too costly… let’s just focus on the status quo.
  3. We do things around here “this way” and this has worked for decades… our approach is doing a “fine job”.
  4. I don’t like these people on this team or who work for this company anyway… let’s just stay in mediocrity, and maybe they’ll just “go away”.

When I hear this, I usually start digging a bit deeper… to find that

  • the same people are in the same place they were a year or more ago.
  • the same practices are being implemented that were applied 1, 3 or 5 years ago…no new practices have been implemented, and people are just bored.
  • the same things are being measured which are now obsolete… why are you measuring things that no longer matter?
  • the team leader is clueless about what the competition is really doing in the current times…so the team is living in the past.

If you are a business leader, and you are reading this article, it is going to take guts to make a change… a change in yourself or a radical move to step up to the plate and admit that “I cannot change, and it is time to move on.” There is a 99% chance that you, yourself, will not feel like you need the change… if you are a person who lives in mediocrity, you are probably very comfortable getting up every day and rolling out of bed on the very same way on the same side, drinking coffee out of your same mug, showering with a bar of old soap, putting on the same old clothes, eating the same food for breakfast, backing out your driveway the same way and driving the same old route to work. The only way you are going to truly know if it is time to move on is to look at your team and people to see if these 10 signs are evident. And… this might take bringing in someone from the outside to look at your team to see if they will HONESTLY answer these questions. Most stuck people don’t think they’re stuck… they think the rest of the world is crazy:


1. Your team is bored.

They look bored, have scowls on their faces and they drag around if they have a ball and chain wrapped around their ankle.

2. Your team is not only progressing with enrolment… they are actually getting worse at their jobs.

Their talents are actually turning into their biggest weaknesses.

3. Your team has lost their passion.They just don’t have the fire in their eyes

. They look flat and disinterested.

4. Your team members are skipping important meetings and making excuses for not showing up for events.

When people love their leader and your business is thriving, they not only show up but they show up for events, they show up with excitement and passion.

5. No one is joining your team.

Remember the time when you were actively desired by others? Everyone wanted to be a member of your team and your business that was once thriving? Those days are over. Remember the time when you were worried that your rock stars would be so successful, they would leave your team? No need to worry about that one. No one is growing, because you have taken them from rock star to rock-star wannabees.

6. Team members, clients and competitors are gossiping about your lack of leadership.

You may not know it, but your team members and colleagues do. It’s a very small world. With the internet, people are probably blogging about you too and talking about you on social media sites.

7. Your superstars are no longer talking about their big plans for a great future.

They’re becoming stuck in a rut just like you are… you are the leader, and they are following your model of mediocre leadership.

8. Your superstars are NO LONGER complaining and giving you suggestions.

For a while, they had great ideas on how the business could improve and they may have been complaining a pinch, but they now know that their voice is falling on deaf ears, so why bother. The saddest part of this is that they know you don’t really care.

9. Your team begins to make uncharacteristically careless errors.

You don’t care, so why should they? But of course, you are probably blaming them and taking NO personal responsibility for your business problems.

10. The element of fun is gone.

Yep…the fun has been zapped, and of course, people who once came around for the fun and to celebrate success are moving on or quitting their quest of becoming a successful entrepreneur. They have no interest in hanging around a leader or a business that is losing, and they are moving on to the winners’ circles.

Okay… I’ve given the bad news, so the solution:  Hire a coach or a mentor to work with you and your team before you completely give up.  You have worked too hard to just throw your business away.  If you are not willing to change as a team leader, it is probably time to move on and allow your team to join a new team…one that is passionate and achieving success.