Qualities are key—your network is your business, choose it wisely

Who do you know? Are they fearless, tenacious and hardworking?

Network marketing has earned itself a bad name through the promotion of quick tactics to encourage people to join. So much so that it is too often considered, by those who don’t understand, as a ‘pyramid scheme’. Pyramid schemes work on recruiting people to join the scheme; network marketing relies on your network to sell products and not to hire people. It’s clear why network marketing is confused with pyramid schemes, but if any scheme asks you to pay in to become a member, to reach a certain target before you earn any money it’s worth taking with a pinch of salt.

Network marketing relies on a strong, tenacious network that allows you to sell products for money. If you introduce people to the network, then you earn a percentage of the money from their sales. Thus, you want to build a strong network, so that when you are not working other people’s sales contribute to your income.

Simply turning to family and friends because they are easier to talk to and easier to add to your network is detrimental. If your family and friends are all committed, hardworking individuals, then lucky you, they are ideal candidates. But in the real world, most people are lazy, and network marketing is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, learning and practice to build up that network that you need. There is also the consideration that if you are turning to your family and friends because it is easy and you feel more comfortable, then perhaps you are not in the right industry.

Instead, you need to look further afield, for characteristics that thrive within the industry. Hard work, I keep repeating it, but it’s so important. Tenacity, fearlessness, carefree networkers. Those are the characteristics people want within their businesses, they’re also the characteristics you want within your network. The likelihood is you won’t find these characteristics entirely within people you know. You need to go out and seek them. In life, you can request things if you have a good reason to ask for it.

Not only do you need to consider whether the person will be a good fit for your network and products, but you also need to consider if your network and products will be a good fit for that person. If your products stem around beauty and make-up, then seeking out a 50-year-old male to sell the products is not logical, nor is it something he can really sell with passion. Trying to sell things to the wrong people shows limited consideration to their ‘fit’ to the situation and also leaves you feeling bad about the whole process.

As an alternative seek out people within your network who have relevant qualities, you may know them well or not so well, and find out about their aspirations and life plans. They may be interested in joining your network, while also expanding their own.

It is an ongoing process, not an instantaneous result. Do your research, and identify which network marketing companies offer products most in line with you and your lifestyle. The probability is that if you are interested in the product you sell, you will know people both willing to buy it, and willing to sell it.