Russ DeVan

United States

International Network Marketing Consultant and Trainer

I had the good fortune, several years ago, to meet, get to know, work with and become a close friend of Mr. Cliff Walker. At the time, Cliff was the leading distributor for a telecommunications company based in the U.K. and was interested in fresh or alternative ways that he might support and nurture his rapidly expanding organization. Fortunately for me (and Success by Design), he thought I may be able to contribute something. I made several trips to England over a period of about a year and a half. Cliff, and his wife Bev, were gracious hosts each time, and Cliff and I covered a lot of countryside, days at a time, doing trainings.


What I observed from Cliff was a mastery of service, listening, commitment, and compassion rarely seen in my more than 30 years of network marketing. Although I was always billed as “the trainer”, it was I who benefited the most by watching Cliff change and touch people’s lives with knowledge, kindness, skill, and authenticity. The loyalty, affection, and productivity he effortlessly generates from others is awe inspiring.


Although we have kept in touch, and not worked closely together for several years, and Cliff has “relocated” from England to Uruguay, I look forward to the day when we can once again be afforded the opportunity to work together.


In the 24 years since the founding of my company, Success by Design, I can count on one hand the number of individuals I’ve met that symbolize what that organization stands for. Cliff Walker is one.