The 5 Key Actions You Must Take To Prospect Successfully For Your Network Marketing Business

When it comes to your network marketing business, it is critical to create real leverage.  To do so, you must be able to build a strong team and train your team and lead them by example.  Prospecting for both new customers and partners should be a top priority and must be done on an ongoing basis.  These five qualities will help you in reaching your prospecting goals sooner rather than later.

1. Prepare Thoroughly.

Each day, allocate a specific amount of time for prospecting, and follow through with your plan. Determine the number of people you will contact each day, and write out a “script” to keep you on track. Write a script, and practice your script until it sounds normal and natural.  Keep your prospecting list in front of you each day so that you know who you will contact, and track your results.

2. Take Consistent Action.

When it comes to prospecting, you must be willing to contact your list every day of the week.  It just will not work if you make a few calls today and then a few next week.  Prospecting is a numbers game, and the more people you contact, the more distributors and customers you will attract to your network marketing team.

3. Identify Your Target Market.

One of the foundations that underpins your prospecting process is the strength of your target market. Consider the top 5-7 qualities you are looking to attract, and only target people who have those qualities. From here, consider where you will most likely find your ideal prospects.  Plan your strategy so that you attend events and venues where you will most likely find your target market.

4. Stay Focused.

As you are building your network marketing team, it is critical for you to focus purely on income-producing activities, which include either talking to new prospects or following up with the people you have in your pipeline. By spending 80% of your day on prospecting, you will reach your prospecting and enrollment goals more quickly.  At the end of each call, perform a debrief.  Ask yourself what went well and what you could improve upon.  As mentioned in point 1, you will have a script that you use during your prospecting calls.  You may have 2-3 scripts that you will use as test scripts during prospecting.  Over time, the best script for you will evolve, and it will become second nature.

5. Be Persistent.

When it comes to building a strong network marketing team of both distributors and customers, you will need to plan on three to five years to build the foundation for a successful business. Many people fail, because they simply give up way too early.  People will be joining your team for different reasons, and quite often, it is simply based on timing…it is a great time for them to join your team, and you get someone to say “yes”, because the time is simply right.