The 5 Negative Behaviors That Can Prevent You From Succeeding In Your Network Marketing Business

Every entrepreneur has a deep desire for his or her business to succeed. The reality is that only a fraction of network marketing businesses last beyond the first two to three years. And some not even that long! The reason? Bad behavior.

You could have the best sales pitch, a top team and even the best plans, but if your behaviors are not built for success, your network marketing business may be doomed for failure.

You can prevent failure from happening by stopping the following five key behaviors:

1. Arrogance.

Are you someone who always thinks you are right while discounting good advice from others. Or, are you cold, aloof and distant? If so, you are more than likely alienating people who could become your customers and team members. To reverse this behavior, I highly recommend:

  • Hiring a coach to give you feedback on your behavior
  • Do your best to be open and approachable
  • Stop talking and start listening to others
  • When something goes astray, evaluate the problem…not the person
  • Build people up through acknowledgement and meaningful rewards

2. You are simply not trusted by others.

Do you say one thing when you really mean something else? Is your behavior unpredictable? Are you constantly running late? Do you fail to follow through on verbal commitments? Do you constantly exaggerate? If so, you are building a wall of distrust between you and your customers and team members. To reverse this behavior, I highly recommend:

  • Focus on follow through on verbal commitments
  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • Drop your agenda when you feel pushback from others
  • Finish each task you start
  • Be five minutes early for each appointment, phone call or meeting

3. You are unwilling to learn.

Are you closed off to learning personal insights from others? Is your focus closed and narrow? Do you lack to seek input from others? Do you lack insight about your shortcomings? If so, others may see you as an old dog who can’t learn new tricks. To reverse this behavior, I highly recommend:

  • Seek out others to find new solutions to old problems
  • Adjust the way you speak to your audience by using the words “I understand that x is a concern. Tell me more about that.”
  • Attend a new workshop with others on a subject you know very little about and experiment with new ways of interacting and thinking
  • Stretch yourself by doing things that are not characteristic of you
  • Make a concerted effort to learn from others, even if you don’t feel they are as intelligent as you are

4. Defensiveness.

Are you not open to criticism? Do you deny it when you make a mistake? Do you get upset when the messenger brings you bad news? Are you closed off to hearing feedback about how you need to grow? If so, others may be labeling you as defensive. To reverse this behavior, I highly recommend:

  • Hire a coach who has experience in implementing a 360 Degree Feedback process for you. You will quickly learn what other people like and don’t like about your business style
  • Simply listen to feedback from others and thank them for being willing to approach you
  • Once you have received feedback, don’t jump the gun and move into defensive mode. Take three days to reflect on the feedback and talk to someone you trust to fill in any gaps you may have in your thinking
  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions. Take a breath, count to 10 and then remove yourself from the interaction long enough to return to a calm state of mind
  • Tell and show others you are willing to change

5. Relying too much on one single skill.

Are you relying too much on one strength to build your network marketing business? Are you using the same talent over and over again and not getting the results you want? If so, it may be time to expand your skill set so that you can approach a multitude of problems and strategies. To reverse this behavior, I highly recommend:

  • Take the Strengths Finder Assessment by Clifton and Raft to uncover skills that may be dormant
  • Interview an expert and do your best to notice his or her skills used for success
  • Expand your reading list to subjects you may know nothing about
  • Take a vacation and explore new destinations
  • Enroll in a class that will broaden your horizons