The 7 Qualities of a Leader That Others Will Follow

As you grow your network marketing business, you will eventually build and will be leading a team of people who have chosen to follow you.

At the end of day, leadership is difficult but can made much easier by using some very simple principles.  Over the last three decades in the world of working with leaders, here is what I have found to be true over and over again.  To be a great  leader, you have to be able to give people what they want from their team leader.  Here is what about the majority of people have said they want from a  leader:

1. A leader who truly cares about their team members.

If you don’t care, your team members won’t either.  So demonstrate that you care.

2. A leader who cares less about money and more about building strong, positive relationships.

If you are all about money and  and the bottom line, people can smell it 50 miles away. In this day and age, people can smell it 30,000 miles away.  The internet has made success as a team leader much more than relationships.  You want people to be pulled closer to you and not withdraw.  If you alienate people by always talking about money, you will drive away people and customers.

3. A leader who lives the belief that “the rules that apply to my team members apply to me as well!”

Simply because you are the leader does not entitle you to privileges and does not exempt you from being held accountable to your team members.

4.A leader who is always punctual.

It is not uncommon to attend a leadership meeting that has been delayed because the team leader is late, throwing about excuses and stories about why they are late.  They rush in…15 minutes late…huffing and puffing, papers flying out of briefcases and folders and making all sorts of excuses about why they are late.  I am always entertained by the eyes rolling around the room.  If you are late to your team meetings, you are sending the message that your time is more important than the people who are in the room.  This sends a message that your team members are not important, and this can put a wedge between you and your team members.

5. A leader who lives with a beginner’s mind.

If you are the top dog, it is important to show both credibility AND to show that you are open to the new and most simple concepts.  If you are a “know it all”, you will alienate people both right and left.

6. A leader who acknowledges others openly for a job well done.

I met a CEO one time who said “I don’t like him…he needs too much praise!”  While this CEO may have had a point, here is my point…everyone needs acknowledgment…as a matter of fact, the working world is craving it.  So why not give it?  It only takes 15 seconds to say “You know John…you really helped out yesterday on the project for the Smith account.  Your “take charge” attitude is just what we needed to get the job done and on time, and it helped us all go home earlier to our families.” It’s one thing to say “Hey…buddy…good job!”  It’s another to acknowledge someone for what they did and how they impacted the rest of the team.  Give it a try…it may

7.  A leader who leads and lives with integrity.

An effective leader will be open and honest with team members, even when the news is bad.  Great leaders also live an open, honest and respectable life even when no one is looking.  Leaders who live with integrity gain trust from their team members, because they do what they said they will do and treats other people like she would want to be treated.