The Hon. Wayne L. Furbert


Member Of Parliament and Network Marketing Leader

As a member of Parliament who has held many Governmental positions and met many Leaders around the world, there is one quality that has always stood out to be a Great Leader, and that is a Leader who has is a Servant Leader.


Cliff Walker is such a person, a servant leader, in the true sense of the word. I recall meeting Cliff over a year ago and in spite of all he has achieved, he was willing to take time out and give me guidance.


Cliff in addition to being a Leader is one of the Greatest Network Marketers I have known. He is always willing to give instructions to others, even those not on his team. Many times I have observed him taking notes at conferences which shows he is humble enough to take his own skills to another
level. Cliff has one of the greatest marketing systems I have ever seen.


I am fortunate to have met this great leader.