The Top 10 Ways to Market Your Network Marketing Business to Thousands by Leading Online Classes

As business owners, we all know that the key to enrolment is to let your customers have a personal experience of you. The difficulty, of course is that to give every customer that experience personally requires a tremendous time commitment of ourselves and our staff. So what do we do?

One solution is to leverage your time by doing the “wooing and wowing” online and let that effort live on forever in a virtual format. It is about creating multiple products, programs, or streams of income from the core of our business that can sell and propagate without our direct intervention!

But how do we do that?

By using the medium of online teleclasses (classes led over the telephone) and online webinars.

By leading online classes (both audio and video), you can leverage each presentation or online discussion in a way which will increase your productivity and the profitability of your business while becoming highly visible in your field. You can become the expert in your field — the “go to” person! This post will provide you with ten ways to leverage your online classes and webinars for maximum visibility and for driving hundreds if not thousands of customers to pick up the phone and call you to join your team.

1. Record every class and webinar so that it lives on forever.

By using a digital recording device such as a web camera, a great computer microphone or an online platform such as Go To Webinar or Blog Talk Radio, you can capture your presentations on video or audio, which can be leveraged in multiple ways. This recording can be used as:

  • A free download on your website (people love added value and a way to get to know you when they visit your site)
  • A fee-based download (The going rate for a one hour download is approximately $19.00)
  • A recording transferred to a CD and used as a business card (people love to have great content to listen to as they drive or walk).
  • The foundation for an online library.

2. Combine several presentations, including audio and video recordings along with written content, and create an online digital library.

An online digital library is a wonderful way to give people the opportunity to buy something that will last for a lifetime, an annual subscription or a month to month membership to your  digital library. Many people are unable to attend online classes due to time constraints, so an online library will give people the ability to experience your recordings on their own time schedule.

Record each audio or video class, and combine the recordings with written content converted to PDF form to build up your library before announcing it is open to the public. From here you will want to continue adding new content to the library each month to keep people interested and jazzed enough about what you are offering so they will re-subscribe from year to year or month to month.  Your content should be so robust that people just cannot live without it.

3. Turn each audio or video class into an article(s) for online and hard copy publications.

Online audio and video classes are a wonderful opportunity to build written content which you can share with your target audience in the form of an article, blog post or press release. By writing articles from the material you have recorded, you can take the content from your presentations and convert them into a format which positions you as an expert in the media. Some people like to read, some like to listen and some like to watch.  Using your content in multiple formats will meet the needs of every learner you are trying to attract and will give people something they can easily tell others about.

4.Take the content from your recorded presentations and develop a 7-10 week e-course.

Marketing studies show that it takes 7-10 touches with a client before he or she will buy from you or consider joining your team. By writing a 7-10 week e-course (a weekly lesson delivered by e-mail) you can drop valuable tips which are related to your presentations into the inboxes of your target market. Make sure to include information on your upcoming audio or video classes in your e-course, and create an active link in the course so that folks know how they can purchase a product or a program from you in the future.

5. Develop and sell assessments based on the content from your teleclasses.

People LOVE assessments, because they provide valuable insight into their needs, wants, strengths and shortcomings. A well-designed assessment can give you an instant connection to your target market and can position you as an expert in the marketplace. The key here is to keep the assessment short and to provide the user with something valuable (like a short book in pdf format) once they have completed the assessment.

6. Use an online presentation as the basis of an online workshop.

A well written online class can provide a great outline for a workshop, and with very little effort, you will have a live presentation you can market to your target audience. You can customize your presentation to integrate the message you want people to hear and address the needs of your audience. The core of your main presentation will not change.  The format will change and be enhanced by turning your basic information into a workshop (live or online).

7. Use your presentations as a basis for a radio or television interview.

Many radio and television talk show hosts are always on the lookout for guest experts who can provide their listening audience with valuable content. A great way to proceed is to transfer your digital presentations to a CD and send this to as many radio and television talk show hosts as possible.  You may also want to contact online hosts from radio services like Blog Talk Radio, and offer yourself as a guest expert to their show. You may also want to consider using Blog Talk Radio to start your own online radio show.  If you are hosting a radio show, you can then use the link from the show to share with your customers and colleagues.

8.Create a strategic alliance/fusion marketing alliance.

The strategic alliance is one of the most economically feasible and effective ways to reach your target audience and to make a big impact with your online presentations. By forming a strategic alliance with businesses who are working with your target audience (avoid developing alliances with your competition), you will be able to disseminate your digital presentations to a wider audience at a much lower cost. This approach will increase your visibility and will make you appear stronger to your market. An example might be:

You align yourself with a group of attorneys who provide legal services to your target market. You ask them to give your online articles, audio classes and webinar to their clients, and in return, you send them business when a client needs legal services. It is that simple.

9. Use your online presentations as a way to create a voice mail  called “Tip of the Day.”

Make the most of voice mail and answering machines by posting a message that says “WOW!” Take the information from a few of your presentations, and  turn the content into quick tips, and add a “tip of the day” on your message tape. This approach can prove to be highly entertaining and educational to callers, as well as a credibility and rapport builder for you. Tie this message back into your digital presentations as a way to generate interest by announcing upcoming calls or offerings on your website.  When you place the call, if someone answers, you can simply say “Hi Susan, this is Thomas calling with a business tip of the day.  Would you be willing to give me one minute to share that with you?”  Again, keep this tip short so that people don’t hang up in the middle of your call.  Chances are good that when you call someone, you will get their voice mail, so practice your tip, and then call ten people each week with your tip of the day.

10. Combine your teleclasses with those of your clients, colleagues, and prospects.

Combined programs are usually much more robust and interesting than programs offered by a single individual. By collaborating with your clients, colleagues, and prospects, you have the opportunity to strengthen relationships with others and create something incredible that you can leverage later.