Network Marketing Millionaires—Today’s Trapped Intrapreneurs

Network marketing- not just for the desperate, needy and bored!

Network marketing is often misunderstood for Pyramid Schemes and cast aside as a risky way to lose money. Little do people know that it’s actually a serious career for many in countries from Germany to Japan, where it is not frowned upon at all.

The problem lies with the people attracted to ‘get rich quick’ style propositions: the desperate, bored, the needy and the (most detrimental) non-committal.  When you rely on these people for your network, and your network is full of non-committals, then you can’t expect to get much revenue. This is why the industry is often confused with pyramid schemes- money is not made by sitting around. It needs to be taken on by active, full of life people, that want to make money and enjoy life.

It’s time the industry was revamped. The badly presented, ‘easy’ propositions need to be thrown out and replaced with the reality: dynamic companies selling high quality products with expanding global networks. Network marketing grew by 10% in the UK, but it is still 3 times less than the market in Germany, where it is considered a good alternative to entrepreneurship. People are far more likely to act on word of mouth than they are an advert on TV or in a magazine. Word of mouth stands out, while adverts drown in the sea of marketing campaigns run by each and every company. Network marketing relies on word of mouth, and entrepreneurial attitudes to bring in the money as opposed to paying out for expensive advertising and marketing plans.

Many people know the success that word of mouth brings to a business. Have you ever bought a product which has been recommended to you?  Sure you have, everyone has.  Consider network marketing ‘direct to consumer’—an innovative approach to sales in an ever-increasing online world. Network marketing companies share a greater portion of their revenue with distributors because they don’t use traditional advertising and distribution, so when you have a team you have residual income. Skepticism comes from the lack of exposure the products receive due to their lack of advertising, but everyone will buy a product if it has been recommended.

The irony of the confusion with pyramid schemes is that corporate hierarchy is a pyramid: one MD at the top who earns the most, followed by a senior director team, then managers and finally support staff. Each level earns less in a downward spiral, and there is no residual income if you decide to stop working for a while.

Given that corporate employees demonstrate a dedication, drive and desire to sell, it’s likely then that the talented, motivated, entrepreneurial personalities and tomorrow’s network marketing millionaires could be stuck in Management or director level jobs. There are too many driven, talented and highly motivated individuals stuck in these positions that want something more. The salary there is limited, they’re always dominated by company politics, office politics are prevalent and starting up, especially without support and funding, is usually pretty unrealistic. We just need to attract the right people and change our perceptions about an industry geared to make millionaires.